Targeting neuropilin-1 to inhibit prostate cancer metastasis and therapy resistance

The overall objective of this project is to determine whether the inhibition of neuropilin-1 (NRP1) will be a feasible therapeutic strategy for blocking prostate cancer metastasis and therapy resistance. The hypothesis that will be tested is that targeted inhibition of NRP1 will reduce primary tumour invasion and metastasis as well as halt the progression of prostate cancer to lethal CRPC. The studies proposed focus on the in vitro and in vivo characterisation of NRP1 as a novel therapeutic target and prognostic indicator of prostate cancer therapy resistance and metastatic progression.

The project aims are to:

  • Determine the effect of NRP1 inhibition on prostate cancer invasion and metastatic progression.
  • Test the effect of NRP1 inhibition as an adjuvant therapy for castration resistant prostate cancer.


Brett Hollier APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI

Associate Investigators

Colleen Nelson APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Pamela Russell APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Elizabeth Williams APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Erik Thompson IHBI, QUT, TRI
Ladan Fazli Vancouver Prostate Centre


2015 - 2017


Cancer Australia, Cure Cancer Australia Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia $191 610