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Pamela Russell

Pamela Russell


  • Emeritus Professor, Head of Biomedical Imaging and Prostate Cancer Models, APCRC-Q
  • Emeritus Professor, IHBI, QUT
  • Adjunct Professor, Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland.

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+61 7 3443 7240


  • DipEd, Canberra University, Australia, 1979
  • PhD, Autoimmunity, Sir Gustav Nossal, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, 1968
  • MSc, Autoimmunity, Sir Macfarlane Burnet, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, 1965
  • BSc, Science (Biochemistry/Microbiology) University of Melbourne, Australia, 1963


Emeritus Professor Russell, AM (PhD, Dip Ed) has built an international reputation for her work in urological cancers - in particular bladder and prostate cancers. In 2003, she was awarded Membership of the Order of Australia (AM) for her research on bladder and prostate cancer and, in 2015, she was made a fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, Limited.

Prof Russell has extensive expertise in establishing cell lines and rare xenografts from primary human tumours and generating urological cancer models, and collaborates widely, within Australia and overseas in USA and Europe. Her recent research focus has been on developing new methods for prostate specific-membrane antigen (PSMA) targeted imaging using 19F-MRI, and studying new biomarkers in exosomes, which may indicate/predict the response of CRPC to chemotherapy.

Nationally, she helped to initiate the Australian Genitourinary Oncology Group and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) (of which she is a life member). From 2007 to 2010 Prof Russell served as an inaugural Director/Secretary of the Australasian Urological and Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Group (ANZUP). She is also an Australian editor for Urological Research and a member of Movember’s Global Scientific Committee.

In 2006 she received a prize for outstanding research alumnus of Sydney’s Kolling Institute of Medical Research, was made a life member of the Australasian Gene Therapy Society in 2009, and in 2010, PCFA’s Prostate Cancer Researcher of the Year in Australia. She has also served on Movember’s Global Action Plan Scientific Committee (2010-14) and Research Advisory Committees.

She was Professor of Medicine, University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Director of the Oncology Research Centre at the UNSW School of Medicine at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney from 1992-2008.

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After training in immunology at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne with Sir Macfarlane Burnet and Sir Gustav Nossal, she changed her research focus to cancer in 1984, and with Dr Derek Raghavan, set up the Urological Cancer Research Unit at Sydney University.

She has procured >$35M in grants, has published >200 peer reviewed articles, as well as several reviews and book chapters, edited one book and co-authored six patents. She is currently funded by the NHMRC and Movember GAP programs.

Prof Russell has been on peer review committees for the National Health and Medical Research Committee (NHMRC), Cancer Council Australia, Cure Cancer Australia, and regularly reviews papers from international journals. She has delivered presentations or chaired sessions at numerous international prostate cancer meetings.

She has trained 13 Honours students, 7 BSc (Med) students, 3 Masters’ students, 14 PhD and 1 MD student and 31 post-doctoral fellows.

Awards and grants


2015 Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science, Limited
2010 Inaugural Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Prize and Lecture for Outstanding Excellence
2010 Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia's Researcher of the year
2009 Made Life Member, Australasian Gene Therapy Society
2009 Alban Gee Prize for best poster presentation at USANZ
2007 Member of the year, listed in Madison's Who's Who
2006 Made Honorary Life Member, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
2006 Awarded prize for outstanding alumni of Kolling Institute of Medical Research (75th Jubilee)
2005 Listed in Marquis Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, USA
2003-2005 Listed in Who's Who, Australia
2003 Platinum Nomination for the CSIRO Chairman's medal.  Gene Therapy: A new approach for treating prostate cancer
2003 Order of Australia (AM) for outstanding contributions to prostate and bladder cancer research
1962 Dunlop Rubber prize for Biochemistry
1960 Commonwealth Scholarship



Australian Research Council – Linkages, Infrastructure and Equipment Fund

The Vevo 2100 Micro-ultrasound plus LAZR Photoacoustic Imaging Platform 

Russell PJ, Gobe G, Herington A, Langton C, Thurecht K, Brereton I, Frazer I, Fielding A, Hutmacher D, Hill M

2014-2015 PCFA/Movember Foundation Movember Global Action Plan Xenograft Project Grant

Williams ED, Russell PJ, Nelson C

2012-2014 National Health and Medical Research Council Identification of PACE-1 as a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of prostate cancer Ling, MT, Quinn R, Russell PJ, (AI: Nelson, C)
2011 Australian Research Council Lief Comprehensive Cell Imaging Facility Clements J, McMillan N, Whitehead JB, Beagley KW, Russell PJ, Nelson CC, Hutmacher DW, Atkinson MK, Dawson PA, Frazer IH, Gonda TJ, Hooper JD, Levesque JP J, McGuckin MA, Munster DJ, Rice AM, Thomas R, Vuckovic S, Waterhouse NJ.
2011-2014 ARC Discovery Development and validation of virtual epithelial cancer models using an integrated modelling and experimental three-dimensional approach Hutmacher D, McElwain DL, Russell PJ, Flegg JA, Loessner D, Clements J, Dalton PD, Byrne HM.
2011-2013 NHMRC KLK4 is a master regulator of tumour microenvironment remodelling in prostate cancer and bone metastasis Clements J, Nelson C, Hutmacher D, Russel PJ.
2010-2011 Queensland Cancer Council The role of KLK4 in prostate cancer progression Clements JA, Hutmacher DW, Nelson CC,  Russell PJ.
2010 Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Targeted nanoparticles for imaging prostate cancer Russell PJ, Khatri A, Cowin G, Thierry B, Power C.
2009 Cancer Institute, NSW Aperio Scan Scope Virtual Slide Scanner for collaborative cancer histopathology Hawkins N, Ward R, Apte M,  Russell PJ, Sewell W.
2008-2009 NHMRC Development Potential therapeutic roles for a protease inhibitor Harris J, Clements J,  Russell PJ.
2008-2010 Cancer Australia and PCFA (NHMRC) Preclinical evaluation of novel prostate-targeted nanoparticles for imaging primary and metastatic prostate cancer Rusell PJ, Amal R, Walsh BJ, Bucci J, de Souza P.
2008 Goldstar Award, UNSW Preclinical evaluation of novel prostate-targeted nanoparticles for imaging primary and metastatic prostate cancer Rusell PJ, Amal R, Walsh BJ, Bucci J, de Souza P.
2008-2010 ARC Linkage Grants Numerical modelling and experimental studies to design and engineer nanoparticulate systems for bioapplications Amal R, Russell PJ, Walsh BJ, Gooding J.
2008-2010 NHMRC Combined novel tumour-targeted molecular and traditional chemotherapy for treating androgen refractory prostate cancer Russell PJ.
2008-2010 UNSW Foundation & PCFA Studies of bone metastasis from prostate cancer Russell PJ, Power C.
2007 Cancer Inst. NSW Establishment of networking data base and animal support for live animal imaging Russell PJ, Khachigian L, Crowe PJ, Rae C, Wlash W, Haber M, Lock R, Yang j-lL, Tuch B, Rose M, Price W, Power C.
2007 UNSW Major Research and Infra-structure equipment Khachigian L, Chesterman C, Hogg P, Jessup W, Chong B,  Kritharides L,  Gaus K, Haber M, Norris M, Kavallaris M, Lock R, Brown AJ, Gooding J, Russell PJ, Power C, Amal R, Rose M,  Geczy C, Morris M, Waite P, Ashwell K, Hill M, Carrive P,  Stoodley M, Brew B, Tuch B, Kuldip S.
2007 UNSW MicroCT scanner Russell PJ, Waite P, Geczy C, Rose M, Khachigian L, Tuch B, Walsh W, Stoodley M, Yang J-L, Carrive P, Lovell N, Power C, Amal R.
2007-2009 Cancer Council, NSW Secreted phospholipase A2 in prostate cancer Scott K, Graham G, Dong Q, Russell PJ.
2007-2009 Cancer Council, NSW Chemo-sensitising pathways in ovarian cancer de Fazio A, Harnett P, Russell P, Associate Investigators: Bowtell D, Guminski A, Byth K, Sharma R.
2007-2009 ARC Lief Identification of novel biomarkers in tears for prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis Li Y, Willcox MD, Cozzi PJ, Russell PJ, Walsh BJ, Zhao Z.

Prof Russell has procured more than $22 million in grants, has published more than 200 papers in international journals (H factor 35), and has co-authored six patents.

Research interests

prostate cancer, nanoparticles for imaging and delivery of chemotherapy, gene therapy for late stage prostate cancer, exosomes (small vesicles secreted by cancer cells), origin of cancer cells, identifying biomarkers from protein, miRNA, RNA, DNA or lipid content, animal models of prostate cancer, targeted gene therapy,chemotherapy, castrate resistant prostate cancer, and bony metastasis

Top publications

    More publications are available on PubMed


    • Brian Tse Postdoctoral Research Fellow, APCRC-Q


    • Dr Warick D Heston, Lerner Institute, Cleveland Clinic, USA
    • Prof Andrew Whittaker and Dr Kristofer Thurecht, Australian Institute of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland
    • Dr Benjamin Thierry, Ian Wark Institute, University of South Australia
    • Dr Jonathan Harris, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, QUT
    • Dr David MacFarlane, FRACP, Director, Queensland Positron Emission Tomography Service, Deputy Director, Nuclear Medicine, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital,  Queensland
    • Prof Andrew Boyd and Dr Jennifer Ellacott, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
    • Dr Michelle Hill, Diamantina Institute, University of Queensland

    Professional memberships and associations

    Membership of Professional Societies

    Current Urological Society of Australasia:  Associate Member
    Current Gene Therapy group now Honorary Life member, Australian Society for Gene Therapy
    Current Associate member of American Association for Cancer Research
    1991-2010 Member of Clinical Oncology Society of Australia
    1993-2000 Founding Member, Genitourinary Cancer Urological Group
    1998-1999 Vice-Chairman, Genitourinary Cancer Urological Group
    1966-1995 Member of Australian Society for Immunology
    1998 Executive Member, Australian Society for Gene Therapy
    2007-2010 Secretary and Director, ANZUP Australian and New Zealand Prostate and Urological Cancer Clinical Trials Group Ltd


    Founding member, and Director, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


    Peer review Committee, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

    2007 on

    Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, ANZUP

    2007 on

    Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, ANZUP Prostate Cancer

    Leadership in Professional Societies and Associations

    1977-1978 Qualifications Committee of the Austrlaian Society of Microbiology
    1979 Education Officer of the Australian society of Microbiology for ACT
    1991 Member of Research Committee of COSA
    1993 Founding member of Genitourinary Oncology Group GUOG
    1995-1996 Secretary, GUOG
    1998-1999 Vice-Chairman, GUOG
    1998 Executive, Gene Therapy Group, NSW
    1998-2000 Board Member, Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
    2002- Member of Bioresource Committee, APCC
    2004- Executive Member, APCC
    2002-2004 Member of Board of Management of Biological Resources Centre (BRC), UNSW
    2004-2006 Member of Advisory Committee of Biological Resources (BRAAG), UNSW
    2004- Member of IP Committee, St Vincents Hospital, Sydney
    2003-2006 Member of Cancer Care Committee, South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service
    2005-2006 Executive member, Scientific steering Committee, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
    2006- Executive Member, Urological Oncology Program, NSW Cancer Institute
    2007-2010 Secretary, Director, Australian Prostate and Urological Cancer Clinical Trials Group, ANZUP,




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