Defining the role of the PSA-related Kallikrein serine proteases in hormone dependent cancer progression

This fellowship supports the significant research leadership, achievements and future direction of Prof Judith Clements and her team.  The fellowship proposal involves a comprehensive analysis of the PSA related KLK enzymes, using novel proteomic approaches, to determine the substrate repertoire and molecular pathways involved in these events and their potential as therapeutic targets and/or clinical markers of progression. The fellowship facilitates a systems biology approach incorporating SNP analysis, proteomic (substrate identification) and transcriptome (downstream signalling pathways) analyses in combination with novel 3D in vitro models to better reflect the in vivo tumour microenvironment.

To ensure translation into clinically relevant outcomes, Prof Clements and team have developed 10 new prostate cancer primary cell lines derived from Brisbane donors and have access to a spectrum of primary cell lines.  Each will provide more clinically relevant models of contemporary disease than existing cell lines and allow more appropriate examination of genome and proteome markers of disease sub-types.


Judith Clements APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI


2011 - 2015