TrueNTH - an integrated multi-component intervention to improve the lives of men with prostate cancer in Australia

APCRC-Q is a primary contributor to Movember’s TrueNTH initiative (formerly Australian Survivorship Action Partnership)that was launched in January 2012. 

The Movember Foundation has established the TrueNTH program to develop and implement an integrated multi-component care model to tackle critical areas of prostate cancer care. During the first phase of the program, a ‘proof of concept’ study was conducted to evaluate the appropriateness and feasibility of the care model and data collections, using a single group prospective cohort design.

The pilot study has confirmed the feasibiilty of the model, provided useful feedback on intended data collections and informed the design of the ensuing larger multisite study. The primary aim of the multi-site study is to evaluate the (cost-) effectiveness of the TrueNTH intervention and its components in improving outcomes for prostate cancer survivors. Specifically, the objectives of the study are to:

-       determine the impact of the TrueNTH program on:

a)    patients’prostate health symptoms, sexual health, psychological distress, health related quality of life, experience of care, levels of decisional regret, health behaviour, and confidence for self-management

         b)    carers’ health related quality of life

-       conduct cost analysis and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the program

-       identify factors contributing to the implementation of the program in terms of:

        a)    health system and health professional issues

        b)    patient and carer factors


Colleen Nelson APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
David Pryor APCRC-Q, PAH
Geoffrey Coughlin Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital, Wesley Hospital and Wesley Urology Clinic
Peter Heathcote APCRC-Q, Brisbane Urology Clinic, Greenslopes Private Hospital, PAH


2012 - 2018


Movember Foundation