Development and validation of virtual epithelial cancer models using an integrated modelling and experimental 3D approach

The goal of this project is to use mathematical and experimental modelling of the human prostate applying bioengineering concepts that will lead to virtual cancer models.  The project aims to validate these multi-scale models to delineate biological and pathological avenues in health and diseased tissue and to use these models to test new therapeutic targets and drugs to ultimately lead to improvements in prevention and treatment approaches


Dietmar Hutmacher APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Sean McElwain Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT
Pamela Russell APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Judith Clements APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT, TRI
Paul Dalton Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT
Jennifer Flegg IHBI , QUT, TRI
Daniela Loessner IHBI, QUT, TRI
Helen Byrne Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT


2011 - 2014