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Kaylyn Davis Tousignant

Kaylyn Davis Tousignant


  • PhD Candidate, APCRC-Q, Queensland University of Technology


Kaylyn is in the second year of herPhD in which she is investigating lipid metabolism as an adaptive response to androgen-targeted therapies in prostate cancer. Ii 2015,she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health and Medical Science from Elon University (North Carolina, USA) where she was award the Lumen prize, a competitive research scholarship that allowed her to complete 4 years research experience developing her project entitled “Investigating the effects of obesogens on the microbiota and systemic health in zebrafish”.  

Awards and grants



Best poster prize, Brisbane Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting

Research interests

Prostate cancer, androgen-targeted therapies, cell metabolism, lipid metabolism in cancer

Current research projects

Investigation of changes in lipid uptake and remodelling in response to androgen targeted therapies in prostate cancer



Dr Stephen Blanksby, Dr Lisa Butler, Dr Johan Swinnen

Professional memberships and associations


Member of APCRC-Q