Jessica's Poster Success

PhD student, Jessica Lisle wins "Best Poster" at the 13th Australian Prostate Cancer Conference.

PhD student, Jessica Lisle wins "Best Poster" at the 13th Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference.

Recently, prostate cancer focussed PhD student Jessica Lisle was the recipient of the “Best Poster” award in the Translational Science Category at the 13th Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference held in Melbourne, Australia.  This is the second consecutive year that an APCRC-Q researcher has won this poster prize.

Ms Lisle’s poster was entitled “KLK4-initiated protease cleavage of the receptor tyrosine kinase EphB4 at the Surface of Prostate Cancer Cells – A Possible Mechanism for Regulation of EphB4 Signaling” and showed the results of her current research which has revealed the receptor tyrosine kinase protein EphB4 as a new substrate for KLK4 protease.  She has also identified a possible mechanism for the regulation of EphB4 signaling in prostate cancer and in particular the regulation of the ligand-independent tumour progressive actions of EphB4.

Jess is working towards a PhD under the supervision of Queensland University of Technology Lecturer and Group Leader of the Eph Receptor Biology Group, Cancer Research Program, Dr Sally-Anne Stephenson.  She is co-supervised by Professor Adrian Herington and Dr Inga Mertens-Walker.

Ms Lisle’s current research project is to continue to explore protease cleavage of EphB4, determine whether this is important in prostate cancer and whether this mechanism can be targeted to develop new anti-prostate cancer therapies.

Congratulations Jessica!