APCRC-Q Researchers recognised at 3rd TRI Annual Poster Symposium

Eight APCRC-Q Researchers were recognised for the outstanding quality of their work at the 3rd Annual Translational Research Institute (TRI) Poster Symposium held on 17 September 2015.

The Symposium affords TRI researchers the opportunity to share their findings and collaborate with their colleagues and members of other partner organisations through posters and presentations.

Dr Jennifer Gunter was a keynote speaker and won the Best Mid-Career Researcher Abstract Prize.

In the Early Career Researcher (ECR) category:

-          Dr Brian Tse was awarded the Best ECR Oral Prize for his presentation entitled: Multimodal hyperbranched polymers targeting prostate specific membrane antigen for imaging of prostate cancer.

-          Dr Thomas Kryza presented a poster entitled Modulation of protease expression in prostate cancer cells after Androgen Deprivation Therapy, for which he was awarded the Best ECR Poster Prize.

-          Dr Katrina Sweeney’s poster entitled Elucidating the role of ZEB1 in metastatic castration resistant prostate won Second Prize in the Best ECR Poster competition.

Four APCRC-Q students were also awarded prizes:

-          Ms Janaththani Panchadsaram was awarded the Best Student Oral Presentation for her presentation entitled:An allele-dependent regulation of IRX4 by androgens in prostate cancer

-          Ms Farhana Matin won Third Prize in the Student Oral Presentation competition for her work on MicroRNAs in Plasma: Potential minimally invasive biomarkers for the detection of aggressive prostate cancer

-          Ms Jessica Lisle won Best Student Poster for her work entitled: Proteolysis of the EphB4 receptor in prostate cancer; Does it produce bioactive cleavage fragments.

-          Ms Nataly Stylianou won Second Prize in the Student Poster competition for her work entitled: MErT is enriched in lethal metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer and correlates with an overall poor prognosis across multiple cancers.

“Well done to all our researchers on their well-deserved achievements,” said Prof Colleen Nelson, Executive Director of the APCRC-Q.