Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts

Working closely with all other agencies to drive the government's priorities in research, science, innovation, technology, intellectual property, service delivery and creative industries.

Queensland GovernmentThe Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation, and the Arts (DSITIA) aims to develop and coordinate science and ICT policy across the Queensland Government.

The Department works to develop a whole-of-government approach on innovation as a key enabler of the knowledge economy and supports and invests in research and development to meet the state's future challenges.

DSITIA is committed to building a strong relationship with key innovation and ICT industry stakeholders and improving government service delivery through efficient use of information and communications technology services and shared services.

The Department helps Queensland businesses and consumers to benefit from current and emerging digital technologies and services and endeavours to build a strong and diverse arts and cultural sector in Queensland and manage the state's intellectual property policy and assets.