Prostate Cancer Collaborative Research Alliance

We provide a framework to facilitate the advancement of discoveries in prostate cancer, from high tech applications through to validation, preclinical proof of principle, and clinical evaluation.

Australian - Canadian Prostate Cancer Research AllianceThe Prostate Cancer Collaborative Research Alliance (PCCRA) aims to facilliate the advancement of prostate cancer research discoveries by providing an international network of scientists, who can coordinate their skills and solve the complex problems facing prostate cancer.

The development new therapeutics and predictive biomarkers for prostate cancer requires a transdisciplinary, translational team-based approach that spans discovery science to clinical evaluation. Through its network of academic and clinical experts connected with leading edge technologies, applying their coordinated energies to solve the complex problems faced in prostate cancer research, the PCCRA makes this goal possible

The PCCRA has assembled a team of translationally-minded prostate cancer researchers across Australia and Canada, bringing them together with the world’s most advanced technologies.  Brisbane is the primary hub of this Alliance, which provides the necessary international and national partnerships, underpinned by leading edge technology. Collaborative partners include academics, clinicians, BioTech, Industry and Governments from across the globe.   

The partners in the Prostate Cancer Collaborative Research Alliance connect to a hub of prostate cancer research in Brisbane and world class institutes of advanced technologies in Queensland (including AIBN, QBI, IMB, DI, QIMR, and Eskitis Institute), and are linked to every major prostate cancer group across Australia and Canada and their respective resources and infrastructure. This includes a major partnership linkage with Vancouver’s Prostate Centre which is further supported by Canadian Federal funds including the National Centres of Excellence Programs.

A primary goal of the network is to support short term travel of inter-institutional exchange of researchers to support the initiation of cross-disciplinary collaborative projects. Collectively, the partners are committing substantial cash and in-kind resources and activities over a three year period.

This Alliance program is supported by strong multidisciplinary and inter-institutional partnerships, which combines the academic strengths in prostate cancer in Queensland (QUT, UQ, QIMR, MMRI, and Griffith University), clinical endeavours of public health (PAH, Pathology Queensland, Royal Brisbane’s & Women’s Hospitals) and private health sectors (Mater Hospital and S&N Pathology), and relevant academic and clinical societies, fundraising foundations, and governments.

The Alliance holds annual Symposia to further its objectives, deepen existing network links and cultivate new relationships and collaborations.