TrueNTH Global Registry - Prostate Cancer Outcomes

TrueNth Global Registry - Prostate Cancer Outcomes

The vision for this initiative is to create a global registry of men with localised prostate cancer, capturing health information and patient reported outcome measures, in order to identify and implement a set of common global standards and measurements.

The Movember Foundation seeks to significantly improve the physical and mental health of men diagnosed and living with prostate cancer, and to improve their outcomes by:

  • Providing population-based data on the outcomes that matter to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the physical and mental side effects that often result from treatment.
  • Providing clinicians and hospital administrators with risk-adjusted feedback on the outcomes of their patients. This drives improvement in clinical quality and leads to a reduction in the variations in treatment and care.
  • Enabling the identification of excellence in treatment – which will then be broadly disseminated.
  • Enabling research to improve health outcomes.

This information will support:

  • Implementation of minimum common global data standards and measurements
  • Knowledge exchange and translation
  • High impact, near term international prostate cancer outcomes research projects 


David Pryor Princess Alexandra Hospital, APCRC-Q
Colleen Nelson APCRC-Q, QUT, PAH, TRI
Peter Heathcote

Brisbane Urology Clinic

HS Teng & Wesley Hii

Ipswich Urology Clinic
Tony Gianduzzo Sunshine Coast Urology Clinic
Peter Swindle Queensland Prostate Clinic


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