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Patsy Yates

Patsy Yates


  • Professor and Health & Wellbeing Domain Leader, Faculty of Health, QUT
  • Member, IHBI, QUT
  • Director, Queensland Health’s Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education

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+61 7 3138 3835 + 61 7 3138 6116

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Patsy is jointly appointed as Professor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology, and Director for Queensland Health’s Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education, a state-wide service that was established to enhance palliative care services in Queensland through education and research. As Director for the Centre, Patsy leads a range of programs focused on developing workforce capacity in palliative care, researching priority issues in palliative care, and strengthening the nexus between research, policy and practice.

Patsy has developed a program of research aimed at improving management of symptoms associated with advanced progressive disease, having undertaken studies evaluating non-pharmacological and behavioural interventions for people with cancer experiencing cancer pain, breathlessness, fatigue and nausea. She was National Chair for the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, and has served as member of the Executive Committee and Council of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee for Palliative Care Australia, the Board of Directors for the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and the Board of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre.

Top publications

  • Hardy J, Haberecht J, Maresco-Pennisi D, Yates P. Audit of the Care of the Dying in a Network of Hospitals and Institutions in Queensland. Internal Medicine Journal. 2007; p315-319
  • Turner J, Clavarino A, Yates P, Hargraves M, Connors V, Hausmann S. Oncology Nurses' Perceptions of their Supportive Care for Parents with Advanced Cancer: Challenges and Educational Need. Psycho-Oncology: journal of the psychological, social and behavioral dimensions of cancer. 2007; p149-157
  • Yates P. Developing the Primary Palliative Care Workforce in Australia. Cancer Forum. 2007; p12-15
  • Turner J, Clavarino A, Yates P, Hargraves M, Connors V, Hausmann S. Development of a Resource for Parents with Advanced Cancer: What do Parents Want? Palliative & Supportive Care. 2007; p135-145
  • Aoun S, Kristjanson L, Currow D, Skett K, Oldham L, Yates P. Terminally-ill People Living Alone Without a Caregiver: An Australian National Scoping Study of Palliative Care Needs. Palliative Medicine. 2007; p29-34

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