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Gregor Tevz

Gregor Tevz


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, APCRC-Q
  • Member, IHBI, QUT

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+61 7 3443 7278

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  • Doctor of Science, Combined treatment of murine experimental tumors SA-1 and LPB by IL-12 gene electrotransfer and ionizing radiation, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 2009
  • Bachelor of Science, Microbiology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004


After receiving a Bachelor of Science of Microbiology from the University of Ljubljana, Dr Tevz took up a position as a research assistant at the National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia.

In 2005, Dr Tevz began his PhD, in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and Institute of Oncology Ljubljana.

After being awarded his PhD, Dr Tevz joined European Initial Training Network Consortium for Prostate Cancer Research as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Philips Research in Netherlands.

He then travelled to Australia to join the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland where his main research focus is progression of prostate cancer to castrate resistant disease and identification and development of new therapeutic targets.

Awards and grants

2010 - 2011 PRO-NEST Marie Curie Initial Training Network Fellowship
2008 PROTEUS Grant
2005 - 2009 Young Researcher's Fellowship
1993 - 2003 Zois Fellowship

    Research interests

    prostate cancer, translational cancer research, drug discovery, in vivo cancer therapy

    Current research projects

    Deregulation of Alu-derived small regulatory RNAs by endogenous retrotransposons in prostate cancer

    Top publications

    • Gregor Tevz , Darja Pavlin,  Urska Kamensek, Simona Kranjc, Suzana Vidic, Andrej Coer, Gregor Sersa & Maja Cemazar, Gene electrotransfer into murine skeletal muscle : a systematic analysis of parameters for long-term gene expression, Technology in cancer research and treatment, 2008 Apr; 7(2):91-101
    • Gregor Tevz, Simona Kranjc, Maja Cemazar, Urska Kamensek, Andrej Coer, Mojca Krzan, Suzana Vidic, Darja Pavlin & Gregor Sersa, Controlled systemic release of interleukin-12 after gene electrotransfer to muscle for cancer gene therapy alone or in combination with ionizing radiation in murine sarcomas, Journal of gene medicine, 2009 Dec; 11(12):1125-37
    • Gregor Tevz, Mojca, Bencina & Matic Legisa. Enhancing itaconic acid production by Aspergillus terreus, Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2010 Aug; 87(5):1657-64; Epub 2010 May 12
    • Suzana Vidic, Darja Pavlin, Gregor Sersa, Andrej Coer, Simona Kranjc, Alenka Grosel, Gregor Tevz & Maja Cemazar, The effect of the histological properties of tumors on transfection efficiency of electrically assisted gene delivery to solid tumors in mice, Gene therapy (Basingstoke), 2007 Sep; 14(17):1261-9; Epub 2007 Jun 28
    • MARKELC, Bostjan, Gregor Tevz, Maja Cemazar, Simona Kranjc, Jaka Lavrencak, Bojana Zegura, Justin Teissie & Gregor Sersa, Muscle gene electrotransfer is increased by the antioxidant tempol in mice, Gene therapy (Basingstoke), 2011 Jun 30; doi: 10.1038/gt.2011.97; Epub ahead of print

    Professional memberships and associations

    Prostate Cancer Collaborative Research Alliance