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Amol Wagholikar

Amol Wagholikar


  • Visiting Fellow

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  • PhD, Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Griffith University Australia, 2007
  • Master of Information Technology (By Research), Decision Support Systems, Griffith University, Australia, 2002
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering), Pune University, India


Dr Amol Wagholikar is a globally accomplished researcher, academic as well as industry expert in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) discipline. He has well proven track record in industry, technology innovation as well as academia. He has published in high quality peer review publications. He has also contributed in securing research grants in health informatics and health services research and innovation.

He has expertise in technology innovation led entrepreneurship and business innovation. He is a start-up founder as well as start-up advisor to national as well as international start-up organisations.

His research interests are in the area of technology led Quality of Life improvement, Physical activity based health outcomes improvement and health economics. He has led collaborative research project aimed at developing a health-economics-based simulation model for the stages of advanced prostate cancer.

Dr Wagholikar received a PhD in the area of decision support systems using Multicriteria decision making (MCDM) models and data aggregation algorithms. He also received a Masters in Information Technology and B.E. in Industrial engineering.

Dr Wagholikar’s current research interests are technology led quality of life improvement, information retrieval, health economic modelling, semantic technology, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, case-based reasoning and artificial intelligence.

Awards and grants



QUT, School of Health

The Real Health of the Nation Survey, Real Health Matters Project

Professor MaryLou Fleming, Professor Heather Alexander, Professor Greig de Zubicaray


Movember Foundation True NTH Network

True North (True NTH) Project aka A Survivorship Action Plan (ASAP) Project

Prof Patsy Yates

Prof Rob Carter

A/Prof Alexandra McCarthy

Dr Kimberly Alexander

Prof Colleen Nelson

Jul 2012- Jun 2014

Queensland Emergency Medical Research Foundation (QEMRF)

Develop software to identify limb fractures from free-text radiology and automatically reconcile the diagnosis with ED patient disposition.

Chu K, Wagholikar A, O’Dwyer J, Nguyen A

Feb 2010- Feb 2012

Queensland Emergency Medical Research Foundation (QEMRF)

A Comparison of the Implementation of Interventions for Controlling Laboratory Blood Tests Ordering in Four Queensland Teaching Hospital Emergency Departments

Chu K, O’Dwyer J, Wagholikar A

Jun 2010 – Dec  2012

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and  Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Data Linking and Analysis for Prostate Cancer Research

Wagholikar A, O’Dwyer J, Hansen D, Nelson C

Research interests

Technology enabled Quality of Life (QOL) Improvement,

  • Data Science
  • Information retrieval,
  • Health economic modelling,
  • semantic technology
  • natural language processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Case-based reasoning.

Current research projects

Physical activity-based technology enabled interventions

  •  Exploring Technology led interventions for improving Quality of Life of Skin Cancer and Prostate Cancer patients

 Patient Journey Modelling of Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

  • Development of data driven model for simulating patient treatment pathways
  • Health Economic modelling of advanced prostate cancer patients using longitudinal data and treatment cost data

Clinical Trials

  • Developing semi-automated mechanism for identifying patients suitable for advanced prostate cancer clinical trials

MDT for Advanced Prostate Cancer

  • Facilitating initial setup of MDT clinic for advanced prostate cancer patients at PA Hospital
  • Providing ICT Technical and data analysis inputs to the Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) clinic for advanced prostate cancer patients

Top publications

  • Wagholikar A, Deer P. Fuzzy Measures Acquisition Methods. Engineering Letters 2007; 14(2):56-60
  • Wagholikar A, Deer P. A Novel Approach for Fuzzy Measures Acquisition using Similarity-based Reasoning, Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2008; 17(1-3): 19-35
  • Wagholikar A, Chu K, Lawley M, Hansen D, Identifying Symptom Groups from Emergency Department Presenting Complaint Free Text using SNOMED CT; Proceedings of American Medical Informatics Association(AMIA) Annual Symposium, Washington D.C, USA, 2011; (Accepted)
  • Wagholikar A, Chu K, Hansen D, O'Dwyer J. Technology Enabled Evaluation of Pathology Ordering Controls in Hospital Emergency Departments, Proceedings ISQUA Conference, Hong Kong, September 2011
  • Wagholikar A, Fung M, Nelson C, A Pilot Study on Understanding the Journey of Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients, Proceedings of Health Informatics Conference 2011, Brisbane, Australia, 1-4 August 2011
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Professional memberships and associations


Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA)


IEEE, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society