PhD Opportunity at APCRC-Q

Discovery of extracellular vesicle lipid biomarker for prostate cancer

Exosomes are membrane-based extracellular vesicles that are released by cells into body fluids, including urine and serum. Preliminary evidence from our team on phospholipid analysis of exosomes in serum reveals significant changes in lipid profiles in cancer patients compared to healthy individuals and that these patterns largely correlate with those detected in the primary tumour.

This project forms part of a larger global collaborative project with The University of Adelaide, Katholiek Universitat Leuven, Belgium, and Cardiff University, UK with funding through a PCFA Movember Revolutionary Team Award.

To express your interest in this opportunity please contact Dr Carolina Soekmadji via email including:

    • a cover letter
    • a Curriculum Vitae detailing your research experience and qualifications
    • transcripts

Further information available: