Movember Global Action Plan (GAP) Announced

Working alongside a team of world class prostate cancer experts, the GAP aspires to accelerate key outcomes in prostate cancer research, by facilitating global research collaboration projects.

An initiative of the Movember Foundation, the GAP will sit alongside and complement existing programs run by our beneficiary partners around the world.

The Movember GAP will provide support for a limited number of global collaborative initiatives that attract the best prostate cancer researchers in the world from both Movember and non Movember countries.

The key to this initiative is an agreement as ambitious as its goal: not just to fund collaborative global research, but also to share all data freely with the entire prostate cancer community and beyond, via the Movember website.

The Movember Foundation Board has established an independent Global Scientific Committee (GSC), comprising of the very best prostate cancer experts from around the world. The GSC will advise the Board on what research programs should be funded, and how they should be implemented.

APCRC - Q's Professor Colleen Nelson is the GSC Independent Chair, and is in no doubt of the importance of Movember’s GAP:

“Prostate cancer research is often most effective when multi-disciplinary teams across different research institutions work together to address key scientific challenges. This is usually done within a given centre, occasionally across one country. Rarely is there an opportunity to do this on a global scale. Movember GAP provides an unprecedented challenge and opportunity to unite prostate cancer researchers across the globe to achieve key breakthroughs faster.”