APCRC - Q to co-host first CellSearch CTC System in Australasia

A brand new CellSearch circulating tumour cell (CTC) test system has arrived at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital.
APCRC - Q to co-host first CellSearch CTC System in Australasia

MP Paul Lucas Announcing the CellSearch Purchase

The APCRC - Q will operate the CellSearch facility in conjunction with the Princess Alexandra Hospital, providing further support for the recently launched multidisciplinary team clinic.

The CellSearch facility is a major coup for prostate cancer treatment and research in Australia, and will be a national resource for monitoring treatment response and predicting survival rates.

“The CellSearch facility will enable us to capture prostate cancer cells and investigate them at a molecular level,” said Professor Colleen Nelson, the Executive Director of the APCRC - Q.

“It will be used in clinical trials of prostate cancer treatments and to monitor the treatment of cancer in individual patients from around Australia.”

The new technology will be particularly relevant for men receiving treatment through the multidisciplinary clinic for advanced prostate cancer and clinical trials unit, which is also a collaboration between the APCRC - Q and the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The multidisciplinary team is a first for Australia, bringing together a diverse array of specialists who will work in a collaborative environment at the Hospital.

Queensland Minister for Health and Deputy Premier Paul Lucas announced the CellSearch facility news this morning at the 2010 Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s National Conference, which is held in conjunction with the 2010 Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance Symposium.