APCRC-Q supports Barcoo Workwear’s new clothing range promoting prostate cancer awareness

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland (APCRC-Q) recently hosted a photo shoot to assist the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation and high-vis workwear clothing company, Barcoo Workwear, in their efforts to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

APCRC-Q researchers Dr Varinder Jeet, Dr Jennifer Gunter, Dr Steve McPherson, Dr Raj Vasireddy, Ms Nataly Stylianou and Ms Esha Shah assisted with the photo shoot for the new Barcoo Workwear high-visibility clothing range.

Each item in the range is marked with a slogan, such as: "Be a man and get a check up". The messages are printed inside the garments to raise awareness of men’s health issues and to encourage men to proactively manage their health.

For every garment sold, Barcoo Workwear will make a contribution to the PA Research Foundation Men’s Health Initiative to support research into prostate cancer.

The idea to use work clothing to promote awareness of men’s health issues was the brainchild of Mr Lance Jelley, who, prior to his death from prostate cancer, formed a relationship with Barcoo CEO Mike Kaye. Together they chose a number of messages to appear inside the Barcoo Workwear range.

"Lance worked on the messages he liked most before his death and was hopeful this would help with prostate cancer research," Mr Kaye said.

 "We know women are really good at going to the doctor, so we are also going to put the message in our women's range of shirts, so they can also remind the men in their lives," he added.

Professor Colleen Nelson, APCRC-Q’s Executive Director said: “We are pleased to be able to assist Barcoo Workwear in this very worthy and unique initiative, which, we hope, will go a long way to raise awareness of prostate cancer and related issues among Australian men.”