APCRC-Q Grant Success

The APCRC-Q has much to celebrate as 2013 draws to a close with awards and grants conferred on many of our members.

NHMRC Project Grant Recipients and more…

Highly competitive NHMRC Project Grants were awarded to Assoc Prof Derek Richard, Dr Emma Bolderson, Prof Ken O’Byrne and Dr Liza Cubeddu for their work on: hSSB1: A key regulator of genome stability and potential cancer therapeutic target.

While a second Project Grant went to Assoc Prof Lisa Chopin, Prof Adrian Herington, Prof Chen Chen, Dr Inge Seim, and Dr Rakesh Naduvile Veedu who will continue investigating: The ghrelin axis as a target for prostate cancer therapy.

Dr Michael Doran’s success included a Cancer Australia grant with  Dr Ingrid Gabriele Winkler, Assoc Prof Jean-Pierre Levesque for their project: Mimicking the HSC niche and enabling HSC self-renewal in vitro and a Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia New Concept Grant to continue his project: Engineering a High-Throughput Prostate Cancer Stem Cell Niche Mimic.

In addition, Dr Jyotsna Batra, Distinguished Prof Judith Clements, Dr Amanda Spurdle, Prof Colleen Nelson, Dr John Lai, Dr Luke Selth, Dr Melanie Lehman, Dr Rodney Webb and Prof Rosalind Eeles were awarded Cancer Australia funding for their project: miRSNPs as novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for prostate cancer.

Dr Peter Heathcote led a successful grant application that received funding from the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation to conduct an evaluation of PSMA-based PET and MRI for the detection of multiple cancer foci in localized prostate cancer patients.

Assoc Prof Elizabeth Williams, Prof Pamela Russell and Prof Colleen Nelson were awarded funding as part of the Movember Global Action Plan 1 Xenografting Project.

Cancer Council Queensland Grants

Prof Colleen Nelson, Dr Jennifer Gunter, Prof Ken Ho, Dr Brett Hollier and their collaborators from the  Princess Alexandra Hospital and Trinity College Dublin were awarded funding for their research: Characterising insulin signalling in androgen-deprived prostate cancer cells.

Distinguished Prof Judith Clements led a successful grant team investigating: KLK4 is a key regulator of the reactive stromal microenvironment in prostate cancer.

Dr Derek Richard, Dr Emma Bolderson, Prof Ken O'Byrne, Dr Liza Cubeddu, Prof Martin F Lavin also received funding from Cancer Council Queensland to investigate: Banf1: A critical regulator of the ageing process and genome stability.

PA Research Foundation Grant Success

Congratulations also go to Prof Colleen Nelson who led a successful grant team to investigate: Targeting leptin in prostate cancer progression; linking metabolic dysfunction and castrate resistance.

Prof Colleen Nelson, Dr Brett Hollier, Dr Jennifer Gunter, Dr Simon Wood, and Prof Ken Ho were also awarded the 2014 PA Research Support Scheme Spirit Group Prostate Cancer Research Project Grant for their project titled: Pilot study to evaluate the prognostic and metabolic benefits of metformin during androgen deprivation therapy in metastatic prostate cancer.

IHBI Inspires Poster and Presentation Awards

Finally, congratulations go to PhD Students, Patrick Thomas, Phoebe Sarkar and Esha Shah, for their poster awards at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation’s Inspires Postgraduate Research Conference on 28 and 29 November. Patrick was awarded the Best Poster Presentation with Phoebe named runner-up, and Esha won the Real World Application prize for her oral presentation.

APCRC-Q's Executive Director, Prof Colleen Nelson congratulated all the successful investigators. "This funding enables APCRC-Q to continue to build its research capacity and collaborative translational research to improve the clinical management of prostate cancer in Australia" she said.