Queensland Clinical Trials Network (QCTN)

The primary point of contact for domestic and international organisations seeking to undertake preclinical and clinical research in Australia.

Queensland Clinical Trials NetworkThe Queensland Clinical Trials Network (QCTN) helps identify and connect organisations (sponsors) with appropriate research institutions, hospitals, CROs and other life sciences service providers.

QCTN is a member-based, industry-focused group (“umbrella organisation”) representing national and international businesses, including life sciences service providers and related entities serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, complementary medicines and medical devices industries, which have a presence in Queensland, Australia.

As an Australian peak industry body for preclinical and clinical trials and related service providers, QCTN’s aim is to promote and raise the visibility of the Australian biopharmaceutical industry and life sciences service providers at a national and international level and to support them in building their capabilities and marketing activities. 

Based in Queensland, Australia QCTN was established in 2005 with support from the Queensland Government as part of its Smart State Initiative.