Life Sciences Queensland Ltd (LSQ)

Working closely with government, to provide leadership, promotion and growth opportunities for life sciences firms and organisations in Queensland, Australia.

Life Sciences Queensland

Life Sciences Queensland Limited(LSQ) engages the Queensland life sciences industry, to assist the growth of individual organisations and industry segments, and to build the profile, capacity and capability of the sector - bringing long term economic, social and environmental benefits to Queensland and its members. LSQ is an industry-led organisation which has, as it's primary objectives, to:

  • Develop the industry by supporting local industry forums and providing members with tools to accelerate their business growth.
  • Create new business opportunities for members through market outreach (e.g. business development services, event management, a co-ordinated approach to international business meetings) that members cannot readily or cost-effectively achieve on their own.  
  • Play a leading role in influencing public policy so as to help ensure sustainable growth of the Queensland Life Science Industry.