Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development

Innovation and tourism industry development are natural partners, with a common goal to build a thriving state economy and make new ideas and diversification a reality in the changing Queensland job market.

Queensland Government

The Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (DITID) has a lead strategic role with the Advance Queensland agenda and growing the state's visitor economy and major events program.

The department works with industry and other government agencies to harness strategic opportunities and position Queensland as an attractive investment destination. Our own investments are helping drive innovation and regeneration to sustain traditional industries, accelerate growth in emerging technology and create jobs throughout the state.

DITID continues to deliver significant economic and social benefits to the Queensland community. We work to progress the Advance Queensland agenda and develop the strategies and capabilities to deliver the following Queensland Government’s Our Future State: Advancing Queensland Priorities of:

  • create jobs in a strong economy
  • a great start for all our children
  • healthy Queenslanders
  • safe communities
  • protect the Great Barrier Reef
  • a responsive government