Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Urologic Oncology Group

COSA consists of over 1,000 individual members who are doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and scientists working in cancer care throughout Australia.

Clinical Oncology Society of AustraliaThe Clinical Oncological Society of Australia(COSA) works to enhance cancer care in Australia through its activities in four main areas: education, networks, advocacy and research. The culmination of these activities occurs at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) held over three days each year in November.

The ASM is a multidisciplinary meeting, with participation from doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and scientists working in cancer care nationally and internationally. IT is held in a different State each year, and each ASM has a specific theme and focus on a cancer type. 

In the field of education, COSA supports the professional and educational needs of its members by designing, developing and delivering professional development activities such as the ASM, Clinical Professional Days, the Cancer Care Coordination Conference and the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Through the development of professional networks, COSA members with a common interest in a discipline, disease type or area of need are able to form Groups to discuss issues and develop solutions to common problems in cancer care.   

COSA also advocates improvements in cancer care policy in Australia and regularly makes submissions to government and other organisations on matters of significance to its members as well as releasing reports and position statements developed by COSA members.

On the research front, COSA facilitates research across the spectrum of cancer care through the ASM, COSA Groups and support for the Cancer Cooperative Trials Groups. COSA also publishes submissions and reports related to cancer research issues in Australia.