Centenary Institute

Helping each generation live a longer healthier life through medical research.

Centenary InstituteAt the Centenary Institute scientists and clinicians aim to discover improved diagnostics, treatments, and cures for cancer, cardiovascular, immunological and infectious diseases.

Acting as a critical point of contact and intellectual interaction between the University of Sydney and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Institute's research program is focused on a combination of cell biology, molecular medicine and immunology.

Research is carried out by 11 groups: Cancer Drug Resistance, DNA Repair, Gene Therapy, Immune Imaging, Liver Immunobiology, Molecular Cardiology, Mycobacterial, Signal Transduction, Structural Biology, T cell Biology and Vascular Biology.

Centenary researchers have contributed significantly to progress in cancer prevention and treatment, heart disease, infectious and inflammatory diseases, immunology and liver health and disease.