Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource

Australian Prostate Cancer BioresourceThe Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource is an initiative of the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration, a group of clinicians, basic scientists, and other health professionals dedicated to the improvement of prostate cancer management. The BioResource is directed by Prof Judith Clements from the APCRC–Q and QUT, with support from a national project manager, Dr Trina Yeadon. 

It is a six-year-old national tissue bank collection containing biospecimens with associated clinical data from almost 3,500 men with early stage disease. This is the largest collection of prostate cancer tissues within Australia, having been collected by four tissue repositories in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. This infrastructure has been put into place by initial funding from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Andrology Australia, with follow up funding to support tissue collection from an NHMRC Enabling Grant and the PCFA.

The Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource is now distributing biospecimens to researchers across all mainland states of Australia, and major collaborations are being formed to utilize these tissues on an international basis.

The Queensland node of the Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource is led by Professor Judith Clements from APCRC-Q.