Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO

Leading the way in health IT research.

Australian eHealth Research Centre

The eHealth Research Centre (AEHRC) is a specialist national research facility in healthcare informatics, data sharing and research collaboration.The AEHRC multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to serving the needs of patients, clinicians and health agencies. It includes internationally prominent researchers, software engineers and doctoral students with expertise in:

  • ontology (clinical terminology) engineering;
  • database and data integration technology;
  • clustering and analysis of patient data;
  • analysis and manipulation of biomedical images;
  • delivery of healthcare interventions using mobile computing platforms;
  • developing systems for medical training;
  • natural language processing of medical records;
  • implementing research solutions that meet clinical needs.

Linking clinical information to the research environment will be essential to annotate patient tissues and understand the underlying mechanisms of prostate cancer progression and therapeutic resistance.  Existing HDI technology developed at AEHRC is being used to provide a single interface to the clinical data, which has been collected on prostate cancer patients at medical facilities.

APCRC–Q also works with AEHRC in virtual reality training integrated with prostate imaging.