Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

Our vision is of a world where cancer research scientists are enabled and equipped to achieve things tomorrow that they could only dream of today, to eradicate cancer and its affects on people.

Australian Cancer Research FoundationThe Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) funds world-class cancer research in Australia. As a cancer charity foundation, the ACRF is committed to accelerating the discoveries leading to cures for cancer, which currently affects one in three Australians.

Established in 1984, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has become a leading cancer charity and not-for-profit organisation in Australia.

In total, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has awarded $95 million in cancer research grants (two thirds of this amount in the last eight years) to world-class Australian research initiatives.

Through their Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC), ACRF select the promising cancer research initiatives in Australia to receive charity foundation funding.

MRAC is comprised of some of Australia’s most respected cancer scientists (including Professor Ian Frazer AC, co-creator of the cervical cancer vaccine) and it assesses each application for ACRF funding on its potential to make ground-breaking progress in cancer treatment, diagnosis, prevention and/or cure.