Evaluation of a National Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Program

In 2012, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) established a 3-year pilot program to introduce and evaluate the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing service (PCSN). This program funded the placement of prostate cancer specialist nurses in 12 hospitals across Australia in partnership with health care service providers. After its successful implementation, this service has been expanded to 14 newly identified health centres following the announcement of additional funding through the federal government. The primary objective for the expanded PCSN program is to provide direct patient care throughout metropolitan and regional Australia by implementing the health care model that was developed in the pilot PCSN program.

Evaluation of the extended PCSN program is being undertaken to investigate the extent to which the PCSN program has met its objectives and its impact on Australians diagnosed with prostate cancer, with particular focus on understanding factors such as program structure, implementation and management, PCSN setting, and other variables which influence outcomes.


Patsy Yates APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT
Danette Langbecker APCRC-Q, IHBI, QUT
Wei-Hong (Wendy) Liu QUT


2014 - 2016