NFMRI Medical Research Innovation Conference

Philanthropy: Creating Impact and Dancing with Elephants
Event Type Symposium
When Nov 21, 2017 08:00 AM to
Nov 22, 2017 05:00 PM
Where Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney
Attendees Management and executives from the following groups will benefit from attending the conference:
Private and Social Investors
Corporations and Industry Leaders
Researchers and Knowledge Commercialisation Specialists
Financial and Investment Services
Universities and Medical Research Institutes
Trusts & Foundations
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Theme 1 – Political pillars: working with all levels of government

As the largest ‘elephant’, Government has great influence and the ability to prioritise, accelerate and support medical research innovation. Whilst governments may have different priorities, programs and initiatives, they are still on the same dance floor as other key stakeholders.  Taking up so much of the dance floor means others need to work out how and where they can shine.  This theme will explore the challenges and opportunities of working with government and provide an opportunity for delegates to have their say.

Theme 2 – Navigating amongst the elephants

Universities, venture capital, pharma and industry can also be elephants; they are big, each play significant roles, but navigating successfully between them and getting them to dance together and with smaller players can be complex. By working effectively and strategically, smaller players can maximize the benefits from each of the ‘elephants’.  This theme will delve deeper into the what, the how and the why that drives our elephants and demonstrate how smaller players can dance together with them to achieve success – all without being ‘trod’ on.

Theme 3 – Pathways through the jungle

Charities, trusts and foundations are generally independent, smaller players. However, they can achieve significant impact by leading change, finding new pathways and doing the things that are difficult, if not impossible, for the elephants to do. They have the ability to be flexible, identify issues within their communities and influence change to improve the ecosystem. This theme will discuss how the not-for-profit sector can harness connections and maximize impact.

Theme 4 – To waltz or to tango?

The common denominator with philanthropists is that they want to make a difference. How this is achieved varies between individuals. This theme will provide an opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s most influential donors and learn more about their motivations and desires, how the dance with elephants and other smaller stakeholders and ultimately what it takes to work successfully with them.

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