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Varinder Jeet

Varinder Jeet


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, APCRC-Q
  • Member, IHBI, QUT

Contact Details

+61 7 3443 7272


  • PhD, Medicine, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2009
  • MSc, Biotechnology, Punjabi University, India, 2003
  • BSc, Punjab University, India, 2001


Dr Varinder Jeet completed his PhD studies from the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2009. He received a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Punjabi University, India. He started his PhD in 2005 after receiving the Sydney Foundation of Medical Research Postgraduate Scholarship. During his PhD, he investigated various aspects of prostate cancer (PC) including development of a suitable model for prostate cancer progression, study of mechanisms underlying advanced PC and targeted gene therapy mediated approaches to curb the growth and proliferation of PC cells.

Soon after completing his PhD, he moved to Brisbane to work on the dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. His current project at APCRC - Q involves the identification and targeting of various molecular markers that underlie the progression of prostate cancer towards androgen independence.

Research interests

identification of the molecular changes, progression of prostate cancer, androgen independence, high-throughput bioprofiling, screening, validation, and functional evaluation of targets

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