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Melanie Lehman

Melanie Lehman


  • Computational Biologist, Vancouver Prostate Centre

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+61 7 3103 3422

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PhD, Experimental Medicine, University of British Columbia, 2011

Graduate Certificate, Software Engineering, Carleton University, 2000

BSc, Cell Biotechnology, University of Alberta, 1998


Dr Lehman is an early career researcher who has worked for the past 11 years in prostate cancer research. She was awarded a PhD in 2011 from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver Prostate Center; ‘Analysis of the Androgen Regulated Transcriptome). Prior to her PhD, she acquired a BSc in cell biotechnology (University of Alberta, 1998); university level training in software engineering, math, and statistics; and 6 years work experience in bioinformatics.

She has collaborated nationally and internationally with academia and industry (AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Takeda) resulting in 9 publications since 2009. She has written a book chapter with Prof Nelson on the complexity of the prostate cancer transcriptome (ed. Wang 2013). Since joining APCRC-Q in 2012, she has been an invited speaker at 7 international and 2 national conferences and a webinar describing her work on the prostate cancer transcriptome and was an advisor, session chair and speaker for the RNAseq track of Clinical Genomics and Informatics conference (Lisbon Portugal, Dec 2013).

Awards and grants


X-GEN Congress: Applying Next-Generation Sequencing, Poster Award


Prostate Cancer Foundation British Columbia, Graduate Student Scholarship


UBC Lorne Sullivan Urology Research Day, Top Basic Science Presentation


Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, Scotiabank Rising Research Star Award

Research interests

computational biology, RNA sequencing, non-coding RNA, androgen response, treatment resistance

Top publications

  1. Lehman ML, Nelson CC, Toward Revealing the Complexity of Androgen Responsive Protein and Non-coding Transcripts in Prostate Cancer, Chapter in Androgen-Responsive Genes in Prostate Cancer, Zhou Wang, Springer Science (accepted for publication)
  2. Wang Q, Bailey CG, Ng C, Tiffen J, Thoeng A, Minhas V, Lehman ML, Hendy SC, Buchanan G, Nelson CC, Rasko JEJ, Holst J. Androgen receptor and nutrient signaling pathways coordinate the demand for increased amino acid transport in prostate cancer progression. Cancer Res. 2011 Dec 15;71(24):7525-36 PMID: 22007000.
  3. Sieh S, Taubenberger A, Sadowski M, Rockstroh A, Lehman ML, Clements J, Nelson CC, Hutmacher D. Phenotypic characterization of prostate cancer LNCaP cells cultured within a PEG-based synthetic and biomimetic matrix. Accepted PLoS One Oct 2011.
  4. Lai J, Lehman ML, Seim I, Lawrence MG, Hendy SC, Dinger ME, Mattick JS, Clements JA, Nelson CC. A variant of the KLK4 gene is expressed as a cis sense-antisense chimeric transcript in prostate cancer cells. RNA: June 2010;16(6):1156-66.
  5. Locke JA, Guns ES, Lehman ML, Ettinger S, Zoubedi A, Lubik A, Margiotti K, Fazli L, Adomat HH, Wasan KM, Gleave ME, Nelson CC. Arachidonic acid activation of intratumoral steroid synthesis during prostate cancer progression to castration-resistance. Prostate: Sept 2009; 70(3):239-251.
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