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Eshah Tushit Shah

Eshah Tushit Shah


  • PhD Candidate, APCRC-Q, Queensland University of Technology

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+61 7 3443 7232
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M.App.Sci (Research), Cell and Molecular Biology, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2015

B. Tech. Biotechnology, D. Y. Patil University, India, 2012


Ms Esha Shah completed her Masters studies at APCRC-Q in November 2014 under the supervision of Drs Hollier and Gunter, Prof Nelson and A/Prof Williams. Her Masters thesis was entitled ‘Identifying new treatments for castrate resistant prostate cancer’.  In 2015, Ms Shah commenced her PhD studies at APCRC-Q under the supervision of Prof Chopin. Her PhD thesis investigates ghrelin sense and antisense ghrelin isoforms in cancer.

Awards and grants





Best Abstract Award at ESA-SRB 2017


Travel Grant – Faculty of Health, QUT


ARC Discovery Scholarship and HDR Tuition Fee Waiver


Real World Application award at IHBI Inspires 2013


Supervisor’s Scholarship and HDR Tuition Fee Waiver


Research interests

Ghrelin, cancer, drug repositioning, drug discovery

Current research projects

Identifying the role of ghrelin locus including sense and antisense genes in prostate cancer. 

Top publications

M.L. Maugham, P.B. Thoma, G.J. Crisp, L.K. Philp, E.T. Shah, A.C. Herington, C. Chen, L.S. Gregory, C.C. Nelson, I. Seim, P.L. Jeffery and L.K. Chopin (2017). Insights from engraftable immunodeficient mouse models of hyperinsulinaemia. Scientific Reports 7, 491

Y. Sheng, R. Lourie, C.P. Ng, E.T. Shah, Y. He, K.Y. Wong, I. Seim, I. Oancea, C. Morais, P.L. Jeffery, J. Hooper, G. C. Gobe and M.A. McGuckin (2017). MUC13 is commonly overexpressed in renal cell carcinoma, and plays a central role in tumour progression and drug resistance. International Journal of Cancer 140, 2351

I. Seim, G. Crisp, E. T. Shah, P. L. Jeffery & L. K. Chopin (2017). Abundant ghrelin gene expression by monocytes: Putative implications for fat accumulation and obesity. Obesity Medicine, 5.

D. Škalamera, M. Dahmer-Heath, A. J. Stevenson, C. Pinto, E. T. Shah, S. M. Daignault, N. A. B. M. Said, M. Davis, N. K. Haass, E. D. Williams, B. G. Hollier, E. W. Thompson, B. Gabrielli & T. Gonda (2016). Genome-wide gain-of-function screen for genes that induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer. Oncotarget, 5.

E.T. Shah, A. Upadhyaya, L. Philip, T. Tang, D. Skalamera, J. Gunter, C. C. Nelson, E. D. Williams and B. G. Hollier (2016). Repositioning “old” drugs for new causes: identifying new treatments that can inhibit migration of prostate cancer cells. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis, 33(4), 385-399.


Industry collaboration with Helsinn Heathcare SA, Switzerland

Professional memberships and associations


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   American Association of Cancer Research


   Endocrine Society of Australia


   Australian Society of Medical Research